Thumbs up Thumbs down for the ongoing debate of kerbside recycling in our region

Thumbs up Thumbs down for the ongoing debate of kerbside recycling in our region

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Cr Gaedtke shares her concern and asks “Is the end of kerbside recycling in sight”?

Recycling is a very talked about matter, and one that has many standpoints.  I am definitely one who loves to recycle, and I have actively supported the initiative for over a decade.  For many of us it has always rated as our number one sustainability activity.  Putting the yellow lid bin out every fortnight make us feel like we are doing our bit, but I find myself now questioning “What are the real environmental, dollar costs and fiscal benefits”?

With so many ill-fated actions of late regarding recycling, is this the dead-end sign for kerbside recycling?  As from 1 January 2018, China effectively placed a ban on specific imported low-value materials.  China will continue to import, however, insists that the material to be of a quality product.  China has also changed its own strategy with recycling sorting facilities, and the Chinese people are voicing their concerns about environmental pollution, and in doing so are demanding smarter and better practices. Chinese people have been generating more of their own material for recycling, and expect China to process their own, rather than import from other countries.

China (and its neighbours) also take electrical cable, computers, metal scraps, tyres, textiles and clothing.  They also task themselves with the responsibility of sorting, washing, granulating and reprocessing materials ready to make new products.

Somerset Regional Councillors and senior Staff have analysed in depth what is best for our region.  There are many pros and cons, and also a need for crystal gazing. 

Notwithstanding, Somerset Regional Council actively recycles metal waste dumped at our landfill sites.  In fact, Somerset residents are encouraged to take advantage of free recycling available at Coominya, Esk, Kilcoy and Harlin refuse tips.  Our Council actively promotes the recycling of metal, batteries, cardboard, glass and more through these facilities.   


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