Cr Gaedtke Councillor Report – 28 November 2018

Cr Gaedtke Councillor Report – 28 November 2018

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 Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 28 November 2018


Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

30 November    Somerset Region Community Support Assn AGM – Esk

01 December     Fernvale Junction Feast & Trade Village

01 December     Kilcoy Christmas Race Day

01 December     Somerset Dam Wedding Forum

05 December     Somerset Toursim Volunteers Day

06 December     Brisbane Valley Heritage Trail Christmas Meeting

08 December     Kilcoy Christmas Carnival

08 December     Lowood Show Inc. Christmas Carnival

09 December     Jammin in Esk

11 December     Kilcoy State School Awards Ceremony


Around 1.3 million containers are being returned in Queensland every day, and is attracting the advantage of the 10 cents refund.  It was reported that at Townsville, a man came in with 40,000 cans on behalf of the local scouts on the first day of the Containers for Change initiative.  Overall, Townsville has reported that more than $410,000 has been returned to Townsville locals, charities, schools, community groups and sporting clubs.


Agenda Item # 39 Councillors’ Report      (I attended)

14 November    Kilcoy High School Council Meeting

14 November    Kilcoy High School P & C Assoc Meeting

16 November    Senior Valedictory Ceremony – Kilcoy High School

19 November    CEO Position Interviews – Esk

19 November    RADF Committee Meeting – Esk

19 November    BVRT Harlin Beautification Project

22 November    LGAQ Diploma Units  – Local Government House – Brisbane

22 November    Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting

26 November    Somerset Condensery Gallery Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk

26 November    Focus on Farmers – Esk

27 November    Kilcoy Interagency Meeting


The Queensland Core Skills test results have been released and Kilcoy State High School is proud to announce that four of their Year 12 students received an A on their QCE.  An A result represents students who have achieved in the top 5% of the state.  The school has also a 100% QCE attainment for their students.  The excellent results reflect the talent and hard work our their students, the support of their teachers, and the guidance and encouragement of parents.

I would like to express my appreciation of the organisation of the Focus on Farmers event held at the Somerset Civic Centre.  The event was well attended and very informative.  Congratulations to all those who were involved.  Feedback obtained from the event recorded the gratitude felt by many who attended the evening.

It was reported in the Sunday Mail through a research project undertaken by Queensland’s Bond University, that Somerset Regional Council is in the top ten most unaffordable housing LG area.  Cost of housing weighed against income, size of housing and housing stress.  Kilcoy Interagency decided to form a sub-committee to address this issue.

A severe weather event which occurred on Saturday 17 November caused major damage to buildings, fences, fallen and standing trees, vehicles and some residents also reported livestock loss.  The severe weather event caused damage at Gregors Creek, Highwood Lane, Sheep Station Creek and Mt Kilcoy localities.  Due to the after effects of the storm on our property, I offered my apologies for not attending the Kilcoy Junior MX SEQ Series, Zion Lutheran Church Minden 140th Anniversary, Traffic Safety Advisory Committee Meeting, Minden State School Christmas Carnival and Kilcoy District Historical Society 20th Birthday Bash.

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