Cr Gaedtke Councillor Report 23 May 2018

Cr Gaedtke Councillor Report 23 May 2018

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 23 May 2018

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

25/26 May          Esk Show

26 May                 Kilcoy Hospital Auxiliary Annual Fete & Auction

26/27 May          Red Thunder Air Show – Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield

26 May                 Come and Try Day Toogoolawah Clay Target Club

26 May                 Lowood Show Ball

27 May                 Jammin in Esk

29 May                 Kilcoy Interagency Meeting

29 May                 Wacky Ladies Biggest Morning Tea & Fashion Parade – Toogoolawah

30 May                 Kilcoy District Progress Alliance Inc Committee Meeting

31 May                 Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc Meeting

02 June                Toogoolawah Show Ball

02 June                Kilcoy Lions Installation Ceremony

03 June                Fernvale Food Fair

03 June                Holt Bolt – Kilcoy

05 June                NHW Committee Meeting – Fernvale

06 June                Somerset Dam & Districts Progress Assn Inc Meeting

06 June                 Brisbane Valley Heritage Trail Committee Meeting

08 June                Somerset Schools Cup

8/9 June               Toogoolawah Show

13 June                Kilcoy High School P & C Assn Meeting


I would like to express my condolences to the family of Dawn McPherson.  Dawn was president of the Moore Hall Committee for nearly 20 years, a volunteer from the early 1950’s and in later years was made a life member.  Dawn was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for “Services to the community of Moore” in 2016.  Dawn’s funeral will be held on Friday 25 May at 11am at the Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall.


Newly established Toogoolawah Transport Services provides a personalized transport service for individuals and groups in the Somerset area and beyond.


Agenda Item # 34  Councillors’ Report

10 May                 Inspection of resident’s private property access

10 May                 Kilcoy State School P & C Assn Meeting

16 May                 Traffic Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

16 May                 Local Disaster Management Group Meeting

16 May                 Exercise Foot & Mouth Disease – Esk

16 May                 Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group Meeting – Kilcoy

17 May                 Colour Flag Raising Ceremony – Esk

17 May                 LJ Hooker Esk Toogoolawah Nash Café Biggest Morning Tea

18 May                 Governing Councils – LGAQ – Diploma of Local Government Unit

18 May                 Purple Disco – Kilcoy Indoor Sports Centre

19 May                 Esk Show Ball

21 May                 Kilcoy Green Leave Garden Club 50th Anniversary

21 May                 Meeting to finalise Kilcoy Lions Flicks Project

21 May                 RADF Committee Meeting – Esk

21 May                 Fernvale Community Assn Inc. Meeting

22 May                 Business Inspection – Lowood

22 May                 Tourism Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk


Congratulations to the organisers of the Kilcoy Care Collaborative Project  (A safe, supportive & friendly community for children and in doing so create a strong and caring community for all residents).

The Book Launch of the Fungus Mungus What a Day! took place at the Kilcoy State School on Friday 18th May.  Six hundred children from Kilcoy and Mt Kilcoy Schools, along with children from the child care centre enjoyed the story read by Library Staff.  The children also enjoyed the treats of an African drumming session.  Each child received care packs and a delicious afternoon tea was provided to all in attendance.  The event culminated with the Purple Disco at the Kilcoy Indoor Sports Centre.

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