Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 September 2021

 Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 September 2021

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 Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 September 2021

 Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

The Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 28 September.  Unfortunately, as the Councillor Representative on this committee I am unable to attend the AGM due to the conflict of date and time.  Council is holding its arts and cultural event – Growing the Arts at the Somerset Civic Centre on this evening.  I wish the incoming executive all the very best for the forthcoming twelve months.  I hope that Council and the Chamber can collaborate and work towards achieving common vision and goals over the next twelve months.

Following a meeting held on 7th September with Anglicare, the impacted clients and interested service providers, I was contacted by the impacted clients’ spokesperson who advised that the group will work together to find new service provider.  The spokesperson advised that there is a large amount of disharmony, and it was also mentioned that a new venue will be required to allow the new service provider a space to carry out the service.  Needless to say, the impacted disabled clients feel cheated, and especially given the fact that the community  assisted to raise the required funds to provide the public space that Anglicare occupies at the Kilcoy Hospital, as well as other community sponsored assets.

Agenda Item #36 Councillors’ Report


08           Ordinary Council Meeting – Esk

08           Council Workshop – Esk

13           Australian Citizenship Ceremony –  Esk – 37 new Citizens

13           Peer Circle Forum – WLILG

14           Kilcoy District Progress Alliance monthly meeting – Kilcoy

14           Kilcoy Hospital Auxiliary AGM – Kilcoy

16           Small Schools BVRT ride – Benarkin

21           Second Pfizer Vaccination – Esk

It was another great morning where excited residents about to become Australian Citizens enjoyed the ceremony and the formalities that followed.  Congratulations to the 37 new Citizens.

The Kilcoy Hospital Auxiliary executive were thanked for their hard work and the vacant positions were once again filled by the outgoing members, i.e., President Lesley Warren, Vice-President Jean Greensill, Secretary Lesley Lafferty and Treasurer Caril Davis.  The ladies have a combined service of over a century to the auxiliary.

I was invited to attend the small schools Brisbane Valley Rail Trail ride which commenced at Benarkin and finished at Linville.  Linville, Harlin, Yarraman and Benarkin primary schools took part in the school event.  Apparently, this ride has been held yearly for the past fifteen plus years.  I was absolutely impressed by the organization of the event and by the support offered by parents and volunteers who made the children understand how they could all successfully complete the eighteen kilometre trail, by providing encouragement, riding buddies, morning tea, lunch and support vehicles.  The resilience and determination shown by the students was heartwarming, and especially by the little ones.  I witnessed the many benefits that this school event provided all students.  Well, done to all involved with the endearing school project.

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