Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 January 2020

Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 January 2020

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 January 2020

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest
24 January Kilcoy Kollections II – Somerset Regional Art Gallery, The Condensery
26 January Australia Day Celebrations – region wide
28 January Kilcoy Interagency Meeting
29 January Kilcoy District Progress Assn Meeting
01 February Yowie Park Run – First Anniversary
01 February Linville Hall Committee Meeting
04 February Info Firies Night – Kilcoy
05 February Somerset Dam & District Progress Assn monthly meeting
06 February Brisbane Valley Heritage Trail Committee monthly meeting
10 February Kilcoy State School P & C Assn Meeting

Upon reflection, it has been inspiring to witness the coming together of communities during the most challenging times that Australia has faced since federation. The sheer amount of donations has been staggering. We have no control over Mother Nature and must respect this fact, however we do have control over our own resilience and the need of coming together to support each other. Our thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones, houses, businesses and various other infrastructure and also, animals. I acknowledge the special efforts made by a large number of people who are looking after our precious wildlife. I fear for the longevity of some of them and all levels of Government need to make a concerted effort to ensure we keep endangered species from disappearing entirely.

Agenda Item #36 Councillors’ Report
(Since the last Ordinary Council meeting, I have attended)
19 December Council Staff Christmas Party – Kilcoy Showground
22 December Ride for Red 2020
09 January Meeting – Kilcoy Office
09 January Firies Project – Making Local Business’s Window Posters – Kilcoy Sports Centre
15 January Debrief – Nov, Dec Bushfires – Esk office
15 January Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group Meeting – Kilcoy
17 January Visit by Coordinator-General for Drought & Flood, Shane Stone – Esk office
20 January Somerset Condensery Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk office
21 January Somerset Youth Leadership Forum – Currimundi

I took a great deal of valuable information away from attending the Bushfire Debriefing and the meeting held with the Coordinator-General for Drought and Flood, Mr Shane Stone and Advisory Board member Don Heatley OAM. Some of the shared information was disturbing to say the least, and I feel we have much to do and a long road to recovery. I wish to thank the expert knowledge offered by Mr Stone and Mr Heatley, as already mentioned – “Though the challenges are daunting, it is clear to see that they were once again being met with ingenuity, hard work and good spirit”.

Somerset Youth Leadership Forum held at the Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre was attended by 19 Lockyer Valley Regional Council students and 25 Somerset Regional Council students. Once again, very positive feedback to me was that the students showed respect, real leadership qualities in their approach to the tasks set out for each of them. This year we had many students who have never met before, and it was interesting to learn of the difference expressed between the two local government areas. To me there is nothing more enlightening than to listen to our leaders of tomorrow speak about the future and identify associated needs. Well done to all staff who are involved with organising and administrating these forums. As Councillor, I support investing with future youth forums.

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