Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 20 January 2021

Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 20 January 2021

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 20 January 2021

 Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

I would like to acknowledge the oldest man in Australia and the fact he has just celebrated his 111th birthday.  Congratulations to Mr Dexter Kruger and I hope he had a great birthday celebration.  Mr Kruger was born in Kilcoy on January 13, 1910, he worked as a cattle farmer until he retired in his mid-90’s.  Asked what was the best invention, he said the telephone was the best invention he saw in his lifetime.  Mr Kruger described it as “magic”.

Ever since he turned 100, Mr Kruger has been asked the secret to a long and happy life.  “There’s no secret”, he said, just keep breathing, have three meals a day and the time goes on”.  “I do sing and whistle, and I have half a dozen prawns every day”, he added.

Agenda Item #41 Councillors’ Report

Whilst on holidays in North Queensland, I had a chance catch up with Cr Drew Wickerson, Councillor Rockhampton Regional Council.  Cr Wickerson completed the Local Government Elected Members Diploma at the same time as I undertook the same studies.  I was eager to learn more about the First Turkey MTB Park located at Mount Archer and the Mount Morgan MTB Trails.  It was an interesting experience to ride both trails, which are very different in many aspects.

I received complaints about non-compliant camping occurring in a Kilcoy Council park over the Christmas period.  Many thanks to the swift action of our Chief Executive Officer, who ensured that the matter was quickly rectified.  It appears that this attitude of using land for one’s own use is widely abused.  A local land owner was the unfortunate receiver of a large amount of rubbish and even human faeces at his property located north of our regional boundary.  The “bush doof” took place at Upper Kandanga between December 30 and January 2 with a report of more than 1000 people in attendance.  It was also reported that residents were furious that around 1000 people would enter a private property without permission.   The property owner is now left to clean up the area.

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