Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 10 November 2021 (Combined)

Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 10 November 2021 (Combined)

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 10 November 2021

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

Linville and district residents have been left without the telecommunication infrastructure as promised, with only a small cell tower attached to a private residence being provided.  There are numerous areas within our region that suffer with telecommunication black spot, however this particular area is prone to natural disasters through flooding and bush fires and reliable telecommunications is paramount to the community safety.  I once again look for support from our Council on behalf of community residents.

The Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Assn Inc. held a very success Linville Landcare Festival on Saturday 6th November, which brought residents together with others to learn from the 2019 Black Summer Fires and offer expert information, advice and support.

A recent newspaper article disclosed that Somerset Regional Council area, as at 18 October has 68.3% of its residents at least vaccinated with the first dose, and that the region should reach the target of 80% vaccination rate by 26 December 2021.

It has been reported that Australians are struggling with what is recyclable household waste, and what isn’t.  The new research showed 88 per cent put common household items in the wrong bin.  You may be surprised that 36 per cent of us believe that coffee cups can go in recycling bins, but the stark reality is that most are not recyclable.  Are you aware that 68 per cent of surveyed residents did not know that aluminium foil can be recycled, if scrunched together to the size of a golf ball.

Agenda Item # 27 Councillors’ Report


13           Ordinary Council Meeting – Esk

13           Council Workshop – Esk

13           BVKL Assn Inc MC Meeting

14           Brisbane Valley Interagency Committee Meeting – Zoom

17           Kilcoy Motocross Club – Club Day meeting

18           Meeting with local community member

19           Kilcoy District Progress Alliance Inc monthly meeting

20           Kilcoy Indoor Sports Centre Steering Committee meeting

20           BVKL Assn Inc monthly meeting

21           Annual Awards Toogoolawah State High School – Esk

22           Community Meetings with Director Young (KDHS, Kilcoy RSL, Kilcoy Lions Club, KDPA & Cr Isidro)

23           Free Tree Day – Esk

24-27     LGAQ Conference – Mackay

28           Team Somerset – Whole of Organisation Team Building


  • The Condensery – Somerset Regional Art Gallery Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk

03           Prawn Farm Tour – Esk

04           DSDILGP Financial Management in Practice for Elected Members Workshop – Toowoomba

05           Catherine O’Donnell – Dawn to Home Exhibition Opening  – The Condensery – Toogoolawah

05           New Quarterly Exhibition Opening Night – Kilcoy Art Society Inc.

06           Linville Landcare Festival

08           Urban Utilities – Bundamba STP & SEQWater WTP Tour

09           50 kph Sticker placement trial – Business Wheeled Bins –   QPS – Esk

I was invited to attend the Kilcoy Motocross Club Day and assist with presenting the many trophies to the respective age groups and place getters.  It was a wonderful event with many different ages of competitors who share a real passion for this sport.  I was honoured to meet three Pro Riders,  Todd Waters, Ricky Latimer and our very own Luke Zielinski.  Todd has just relinquished his Australia Number 1 title.  Congratulations to all competitors who enjoyed the club day.  I saw how much hard work goes into organising this type of event.

I met with a local community member who has been working tirelessly to provide factual evidence that the swimming season should be extended at the Kilcoy Aquatic Centre.  The results unfortunately, were not all that convincing, as there appears to be some apathy towards this cause.  It is questionable if the extra costs would be warranted by so little public take-up.  A big thank you to our community champion, and I certainly appreciate the effort given to this matter.

The Kilcoy District Progress Alliance Inc. is busily working towards the Christmas Lights project.  With an amount in excess of $32,000, there is much planning to make this project eventuate for the 2021 Christmas period.  Well, done to this hard working committee.

Congratulations to the Toogoolawah State High School, it is so inspiring to see the leaders of tomorrow conduct their awards and without any issues at all.  A very proud and humbling evening.

A huge acknowledgement to the staff who were part of the Free Tree Day events.  There were many great comments regarding the days’ activities from those residents that attended to collect their free trees.  Also, many thanks to the community groups who assisted during the day.

I appreciate the opportunity to attend the annual LGAQ Conference, which provides networking to learn, share visions and understand local government from a much more collective perspective.

It is welcoming to see that art and culture is alive and well in our region.  The two exhibitions held on Friday 5th each provided different perspectives, and certain pieces initiated thought provoking consideration.

Councillors and QPS Officers shared a humid morning and walked the Esk CBD streets to affix 50kph stickers to the side of business’ wheeled green bins.  The trial will provide stats and data around the influence the stickers have on drivers’ behaviour, when the bins are placed on the footpath for weekly collection.

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