Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Councillor Report – Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. Meeting

Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Councillor Report – Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. Meeting

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Councillor Report – Wednesday 29 November 2017  –  Kilcoy Chamber


Domestic Violence Project – “Kilcoy Cares”  Successful Funding Application announced Tuesday 28 Nov

  1. 1. Lyn Buchanan (Council’s CDO) spoke about the latest funding application for a DV/child protection related project: The project adopts a whole of community approach with specific goals to unite the Kilcoy community and provide resources that address fundamental issues related to child protection and strengthening families, through a very soft entry approach.  A large proportion of the funding will go towards community engagement to encourage the diverse and disconnected groups (eg CALD, indigenous, established/long term residents, and new residents) to work as one, rather than limiting interaction to within their own groups.  NOTE – This segregation prevents attendance at events and activities and has been attributed to the poor take up of services.

The overarching concept is to create a caring and sharing community under the brand “Kilcoy Cares”, which will be presented to all sectors within the community in the initial phase.  It is anticipated that the local newspaper, business, community groups, services would adopt the brand and work together eg fortnightly newspaper articles on support services, parenting, good news stories; family supportive manager’s specials at the shops under Kilcoy Cares (eg fresh fruit); a facebook page promoting healthy and community oriented activities; council library runs activities under the brand etc.  It would also be promoted with bumper stickers or similar. Also as part of the funding, a minimum of one (1) children’s book will be created addressing the issues identified by the community as a priority and which are affecting local children’s wellbeing and safety.

A top priority which has been identified being poor hygiene and lack of basic manners and social skills of children.  These books will incorporate a Yowie type creature (which is an icon of Kilcoy) who meets three Kilcoy children, who use their combined resourcefulness to teach the young yowie about the identified topic, eg cleanliness and/or manners.  The character’s appearance will be determined from the winner of an art competition from primary school aged children, and the book characters name selected by popular decision from the community, to help create a sense of ownership to the Kilcoy community.

The first book (part of an anticipated Kilcoy Cares series of books which will be written and illustrated by locals and incorporating Kilcoy backdrops), will be launched before June 2018.  This will be held at a time that would maximize participation by the children and hopefully their parents.  In addition to the books which will be given to each child, a care pack of toiletry items (motel size packs) will be included, similar to those provided to Yowie in the story.   Service providers will be invited to participate at the event to assist in activities and connect with the Kilcoy Community.  Future books or other community created initiates would be funded in future from a variety of sources eg RADF, community assistance grants, corporate sponsors, etc.  Note – Phase 2 of the Kilcoy Cares Project will be to consolidate the outcomes of the project and to get buy ins from local residents and businesses who were not involved in Phase 1.  Further Action Plan for Phase 2 to be determined before the end of Phase 1.


  1. 2. Council has sought funding through the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund – Round 2 seeking 50% of the Kilcoy Showground Development Project. The project has a total cost of $922,575.  ($461,287)  Announcement of successful projects is expected in mid 2018.


  1. 3. The 2017 Somerset Youth Leadership Forum requested as a forum goal that a project identified as the Kilcoy Cinema Project be formulated for next year. A group of students from Kilcoy State High School explained that the project would involve holding a movie night once a month, on a Saturday night, at the Kilcoy Information Centre.  Admission prices and sale of food is being discussed.  Council agreed at the last meeting to continue to work with KSHS on the Kilcoy Cinema Project in 2018 with the aim of providing at least 3 movies for youth and families throughout the year.

As Councillor for the Somerset Region, I would like to see this project set up in a way that it is going to be successful.  I believe that there needs input from relevant community groups and other local identities to make this project sing and have longevity.  After a lengthy discussion at the Council meeting, it was agreed that interested bodies/persons present a business plan to Council to qualify and quantify the project further.  I would like to see this project become a successful, regular and permanent entertainment choice for our community.


  1. 4. Wivenhoe Classic Fishing Comp. to be held 17 – 19 August 2018.  (Non-Professional comp.)
  2. 5. 2018 Garden Competition – Entries open 4 June, closes 10 August.  Judging 15 – 21 August.  Winners announced 23 August.  Open Gardens 1,2 Sept & 8,9 Sept.
  3. 6. Mayoral Gala & Charity Ball –  6 October 2018
  4. 7. 4D Living is a registered not-for-profit charity and is bringing to Kilcoy the “Diabetic Health Clinic Lifestyle Program” totally free of charge.  A program for anyone who is sick and tired of struggling with weight issues, poor health due to lifestyle related issues.  Starts Sunday 4 February 2018.  For more info go to



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