Councillor Report – 28 June 2017

Councillor Report – 28 June 2017

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Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

30 June                Lowood Lions Change Over Dinner

01 July                  Esk Races

02 July                  Fernvale Lions Change Over Dinner

09 July                  Somerset Rail Trail Fun Run & Bicycle Event



Agenda Item # 34 Councillors’ Reports

Meetings/Functions attended

15 June                Assistance offered to set up Civic Centre – SASI

16 June                SASI Gala Opening – Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Awards 2017

17 June                Valley of the Lakes Garden Club Inc. – “Esk Garden and Lifestyle Fair”

(Assistance offered to welcome patrons through gate 3)

17 June                Annual “Kilcoy Cup” Race Day

22 June                Biggest Morning Tea – Esk State School

23 June                Somerset Region Community Support Assn Inc. Meeting

23 June                Winter Primary School Somerset Cup

27 June                Kilcoy Interagency Meeting


Friday 16, Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 June – Somerset region’s Events

The morning’s early showers on Saturday dissipated and the sun welcomed a busy day in the region, with at least five major events being held.  Congratulations to every person who assisted in any way to bring together the events that took place over the weekend.  I attended the Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Awards 2017, the Esk Garden and Lifestyle Fair and the Kilcoy Cup Races.  The Somerset Bendigo Bank Art Awards 2017 was very professionally presented, and the standard of entries were unprecedented.  I happily volunteered my time to SASI and Valley of the Lakes Garden Club to assist with the many tasks.  The Esk Garden and Lifestyle Fair attracted approximately 3,000 visitors with 58% visiting from other areas in Queensland.  The Lowood Show was officially opened by a special dignitary, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey, Governor of Queensland.   The annual Kilcoy Cup race day was well supported by a massive crowd, who enjoyed a great day of country racing, pacing and mini trotting.   Mrs Pauline Watson of Vernor, held the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser on a picture-perfect day, and a total of $1,821-25 was raised for the Cancer Council.  Well done!  This extremely successful weekend of events has shown that our community groups can work together to achieve their wildest dreams, with people travelling from far to sample our great region.


Biggest Morning Tea – Esk State School

The Year One/Two Teacher, Ms Susan Kitching is in her fifth-year post cancer treatment and diagnosis.  Susan told us that prior to cancer she had hosted a few “Biggest Morning Tea” events not realising how important these events actually are.  Susan feels that it is essential to continue to raise money to find a cure for cancer, and she believes that she will see this result in her lifetime.    The Esk State School hosted its forth “Biggest Morning Tea” and last year an incredible $3,480 was raised.  Susan explained that we are a small community with a massive heart.  There were lots of decorated china and paper teapots on display in the school’s hall, with plates of tasty morning tea served by the students.  An amazing amount of $5,600-40 was raised this year – well done Esk State School!


Kilcoy Interagency Meeting

Discussion took place around the Supporting Kilcoy Community (Youth Support) Initiative.  This initiative grew from a well-supported meeting held in Caboolture on 18 May 2017.  An area that had been identified as having gaps was youth, as there were supports around helping youth identify their problems, but no one to follow up with casework type services.  The meeting was advised that there is now a couple of new services in this space and they are hoping to work collaboratively with members of the Interagency.  Kilcoy Indoor Sports Centre manager, Ms Jayne McKenzie advised the May Interagency meeting of her interest in working with youth agencies.  In reply, the youth agencies were interested in engaging with Jayne to create support for young people with providing appropriate activities.  It was agreed that the attendees at the meeting would be added to the Interagency group and kept informed of developments.


Appealing visual appearance of cemetery, parks and showground at Kilcoy

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the parks and garden crew of Somerset Regional Council for the very appealing visual appearance of the cemetery, parks and showground at Kilcoy.  All areas nominated are in a very neat condition and this appearance is very noticeable by locals and travellers.   The proud image projected by this activity is very much appreciated.

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