Councillor Report 13 November 2019

Councillor Report 13 November 2019

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 13 November 2019

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

14 November    Toogoolawah State High School Graduation Ceremony

15 November    Kilcoy State High School Senior Valedictory

16 November    Coominya Public Hall Christmas Carnival

16 November    Historic Caboonbah Undenominational Church/Chapel Annual Service Open Day

23 November    Generations of Rock – Somerset Civic Centre

24 November    60th Anniversary Toogoolawah Clay Target Club

It has been a very challenging time in the northern section of our region over the past week and a half.  Acknowledgement is made of how residents have gathered together to address the fire threat and ongoing situation.  The residents have gathered together to help one another during this uncertain time.   Local businesses and individuals have made various donations to assist those in need, and every donation has been accepted gratefully. 

At the QFES and QPS briefing held on Saturday 9th November in the Kilcoy Memorial Hall, QPS congratulated the group of around 50 residents, on the respect shown at the time of the evacuation.  It was said that residents carried out the orders in a timely and compliant manner.  The briefing was well received and provided the residents with a better understanding of the emergency processes and also provided them with a chance to ask questions.  The residents also offered a vote of thanks to all staff and volunteers keeping them, their homes and their animals safe.

A widespread comment over Queensland and New South Wales is the number of emergency services, volunteers and water bombing that has been deployed to fight the many disastrous fire situations.

I would like to acknowledge the effort and time offered by the Fernvale Lions club for organising the Fernvale Relay for Life event on 26th October.  The event is held to recognise and support those who are suffering with cancer, and to remember those who have passed with this disease.  As Patron for this event, I was very proud and overwhelmed to have met Face of Fernvale Relay for Life, Mr Simon Coogan.  Simon, a young Dad of two children was diagnosed three years ago with brain cancer, and he shared his story Saturday night during the candlelight ceremony.  The event to me is precious and also emotional at times.  I look forward to future Relay for Life events in the Somerset region.

Agenda Item #45   Councillors’ Report   

(Since the last Ordinary Council meeting, I have attended

23 October         Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group AGM

Due to the inability to gather a quorum, the AGM was rescheduled for 6th November.

24 October         IPWEAQ Conference

I attended the conference on this particular day and enjoyed the conversation and the well-presented engineered community projects.  I was pleased to learn that the Rural Engineers won the ‘Great Debate’ – Rural Engineers are more adaptable than their City Counterparts.

24 October         Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. Monthly Meeting

                                A meeting with little public attendance.

26 October         Fernvale Relay for Life – Fernvale Lions

As Patron of the Fernvale Relay for Life, I offer my thanks and congratulations to the Fernvale Lions Club for organising this extremely important event.  I look forward to the next Relay for Life in our region.

29 October         Kilcoy RSL – Morning Tea

                               Kilcoy Interagency Meeting

                                Toogoolawah State High School 32nd Annual Awards

30 October         Lowood State High School Presentation Night

31 October         Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare – informal meeting

01 November    Kilcoy State High School 57th Annual Awards Ceremony

04 November    Meeting with local resident – economic benefit Kilcoy

06 November    Somerset Dam & District Progress Assn. monthly meeting

It was interesting to meet an older resident who is in the position to share a great deal of history of the Somerset Dam and Village.

06 November    Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group AGM

A very progressive meeting.  A huge vote of thanks to Cr Helen Brieschke for presenting a draft set of Model Rules for the group to adopt at the AGM.  The time and effort taken to provide this current and workable administrative tool is very much appreciated.

07 November    Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails Committee monthly meeting

A very well attended meeting, with the decision to award Ms Kate Dohle with Life Membership of the group.

08 November    Kilcoy Memorial Hall – Evacuation Centre

                                Visited staff to learn of current situation.

09 November    Jimna Bushfire Briefing – Kilcoy Memorial Hall

Around fifty people attended the briefing.  The local police commented on the positive and compliant manner that Jimna residents undertook emergency directions.  After exchanging information, the Jimna residents were invited to ask questions.  It was a very well received briefing. The Jimna residents offered their heartfelt thanks to all staff and volunteers who are keeping them, their homes and their animals safe.

10 November    Breakfast Under the Trees – St Mary’s Church-Kilcoy

This event was held to fund raise for those who are suffering from the current drought, and to pray for rain.  A lovely morning at an exquisite venue.

11 November    Remembrance Day – Kilcoy RSL

11 November    Kilcoy State School P & C Meeting

12 November    Tourism and Economic Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk

12 November    Fernvale-Lowood Bendigo Bank Branch AGM – Fernvale

A total of $76,000 Sponsorship and Grants made to the community during the 2018/19 financial year.

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