Councillor Cheryl Gaedtke – Councillor Report 8 March 2017

Councillor Cheryl Gaedtke – Councillor Report 8 March 2017

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 8 March 2017

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

08 March             Kilcoy State High School P & C AGM

08 March             Lowood Community Safety Forum

08 March             Brisbane Valley Bulls Community Meeting – Esk

9-12 March         Toogoolawah Campdraft

10 March             Inverness Toogoolawah – Celebration of 100 years

11 March             Esk Races

14 March             Agforce Meeting – Toogoolawah Showground

18 March             Brieschke Breakfast (For house fire victims Jeff & Lyn) – Mt Beppo Hall

18 March             Lowood Colour Festival

18 March             St. Mary’s Anglican Cent Auction – Kilcoy

18 March             15th Anniversary of International Care – Sundale – We Rock & Aloaka Lodge Kilcoy

18 March             Kris Tasker Memorial Trail Ride – Toogoolawah

19 March             “Say I Do in Somerset” Wedding Fair – Esk


Agenda Item #37 Councillor Report

Meetings/Functions attended

23 February        Kilcoy Art Society Inc. AGM & General Meeting

23 February        Linville Special Community Meeting

27 February        Kilcoy State High School Investiture – 72 Senior Students took the Senior Pledge

27 February        Condensery Gallery Advisory Committee Meeting – Toogoolawah

27 February        Meeting with Kilcoy residents re: Christmas Carnival 2017 Kilcoy

28 February        Kilcoy Interagency Meeting

28 February        Kilcoy Village Committee Meeting

02 March             Brisbane Valley Heritage Trail Committee Meeting – Blackbutt

06 March             Somerset Senior Citizen Meeting – Esk

06 March             Meeting with Fernvale residents re: community pride

Kilcoy Art Society Inc. Annual General Meeting

Congratulations to the outgoing executive members of KASI, and especially to those members not re-nominating for their positions, Julie Henley (President) and Leonie Shirley (Vice President).  What a fantastic job these ladies have done, and they leave extremely large boots to fill.  Welcome aboard to the new committee members Ian Badman (President) and Di Taylor (Vice President).  It is wonderful to see the re-nomination of the Treasurer’s position, Jenny Roberts and the Secretary’s position, Brian Wallace.  I can see there will be exciting times ahead in the art world of the Kilcoy community.

 Linville Special Community Meeting

There was a good attendance at the meeting and many points were raised during the brainstorming session.  It was evident from the discussion that the residents of Linville admire and value the Linville Hall, and wish to see the committee continue in its current form, but with increased membership and support.  The railway carriages, station house, camping area and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is also an extremely important landmark and potential tourism hotspot for the area.  Points raised at the meeting will be further investigated and either included in a further action plan or dismissed as per the outcome stated.

Meeting with Kilcoy residents – Kilcoy Christmas Carnival 2017

Discussions were held around previous Christmas Carnivals held in Kilcoy and the expectation regarding future Christmas celebration events.  An item was raised which relates specifically to Somerset Regional Council, where it was asked if it would be possible for council to plan and fund Christmas Trees for the major towns in the region.  An example was given by the residents of the Christmas trees provided in a neighbouring region.  South Burnett Regional Council provides a large Christmas Tree to its major towns.  The presence of one such item provides a very real and strong Christmas spirit to the entire community.  I wish to foreshadow a motion that Somerset Regional Council provide a report relative to the purchase and placement of Christmas trees (similar to South Burnett Regional Council’s Christmas Trees) and where practical, in the major towns located in Somerset Region.

Kilcoy Village Committee Meeting

Following a request made at the Kilcoy Interagency Meeting, it was agreed by KVC, that it would host a NAIDOC event during the week of 2 – 9 July 2017.  An appropriate funding application will be lodged to assist with event production expenditure.

Brisbane Valley Heritage Trail Committee Meeting

The committee will write to Somerset Regional Council requesting permission to erect a plaque on the Colinton Memorial.  Committee member Reg McCullum advised the meeting that Ron Grant has expressed an interest to walk the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail from Walkuraka to Yarraman on Monday 6th March 2017.  The plan is to walk end to end, aiming to make Yarraman in four to five days.  Mr Grant is also interested in guiding a tour party negotiating the trail at leisure over several days and overnighting in accommodation along the trail.  Reference was made to the Sporting Hall of Fame planned for Nanango.  It was also pointed out that South Burnett Regional Council has lodged a submission to Victoria Racing Club to host a Melbourne Cup ceremony.

Local Government News of Interest

  • The LGAQ Council Cost Index 2017 has been calculated at +1.74%. The LGAQ Council Cost Index is a composite index collated to represent the average cost increases experienced by councils over the previous 12 months (Dec to Dec quarters). The LGAQ CCI 2016 was +1.9%.
  • The LGAQ Council Cost index (CCI) provides a measure of the average cost increases experienced by councils across the state. A comparable average revenue increase would be necessary to maintain current levels of service before provision for growth, irregular maintenance and capital replacement. An additional increase in own-source revenue will be necessary if all other revenues (viz. grants) do not also increase at least in line with costs.
  • The LGAQ has launched the latest stage of its Better Councils Better Communities image campaign, with a 30 second television commercial running across Queensland for the next eight weeks. The TV ad will air on both metropolitan and regional channels and will be backed up by a comprehensive digital media campaign.
  • LGAQ is calling on the federal and state governments to step up their efforts on managing flying foxes in the wake of a parliamentary inquiry into the issue. LGAQ is seeking a far more centralised decision, essentially resulting in federal and state government to take over the management of flying foxes.

State Government News of Interest

  • Queensland biggest wind farm between Kingaroy and Dalby has been approved. AGL Energy Limited will build the project at Coopers Gap and which is expected to be operational by 2020.  The project will contribute up to $4 million each year to the local economy.
  • Thirteen State Schools are taking part in the Peninsula Respect Project, where schools will work together to strengthen the “State School” brand and promote a sense of shared identity. The initiative taken by the schools will provide a project to promote a culture of respect in all aspects of their community.  The project aligns with the Government’s Respect our staff, respect our school campaign.  Some school staff have expressed concerns about the difficulty in maintaining positive relationships because of various issues in the community, such as mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and unrealistic expectations of schools and government agencies.
  • Much needed extra car parks adjacent to the Caboolture Hospital have been given the green light to provide an extra 300 free car parks. The new car park will be located at the rear of the hospital and is expected to be completed later this year.
  • Queensland leads the way with the nation’s most progressive medicinal cannabis laws, marking the start of new legislation that will see some patients in the State legally able to access medicinal cannabis. Palliative care, oncology and neurology specialists will now be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients as part of their medical treatment.
  • Local Drought Committees usually meet once a year, at the end of the wet-season in April. Threshold for a drought declaration is generally a once in 10 to 15-year rainfall deficiency.  There are various subsidies, rebates, waivers and other programs made available when an area is drought declared.  The total area of Queensland currently drought-declared is 84.29%.






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