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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 January 2020

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 22 January 2020

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest
24 January Kilcoy Kollections II – Somerset Regional Art Gallery, The Condensery
26 January Australia Day Celebrations – region wide
28 January Kilcoy Interagency Meeting
29 January Kilcoy District Progress Assn Meeting
01 February Yowie Park Run – First Anniversary
01 February Linville Hall Committee Meeting
04 February Info Firies Night – Kilcoy
05 February Somerset Dam & District Progress Assn monthly meeting
06 February Brisbane Valley Heritage Trail Committee monthly meeting
10 February Kilcoy State School P & C Assn Meeting

Upon reflection, it has been inspiring to witness the coming together of communities during the most challenging times that Australia has faced since federation. The sheer amount of donations has been staggering. We have no control over Mother Nature and must respect this fact, however we do have control over our own resilience and the need of coming together to support each other. Our thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones, houses, businesses and various other infrastructure and also, animals. I acknowledge the special efforts made by a large number of people who are looking after our precious wildlife. I fear for the longevity of some of them and all levels of Government need to make a concerted effort to ensure we keep endangered species from disappearing entirely.

Agenda Item #36 Councillors’ Report
(Since the last Ordinary Council meeting, I have attended)
19 December Council Staff Christmas Party – Kilcoy Showground
22 December Ride for Red 2020
09 January Meeting – Kilcoy Office
09 January Firies Project – Making Local Business’s Window Posters – Kilcoy Sports Centre
15 January Debrief – Nov, Dec Bushfires – Esk office
15 January Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group Meeting – Kilcoy
17 January Visit by Coordinator-General for Drought & Flood, Shane Stone – Esk office
20 January Somerset Condensery Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk office
21 January Somerset Youth Leadership Forum – Currimundi

I took a great deal of valuable information away from attending the Bushfire Debriefing and the meeting held with the Coordinator-General for Drought and Flood, Mr Shane Stone and Advisory Board member Don Heatley OAM. Some of the shared information was disturbing to say the least, and I feel we have much to do and a long road to recovery. I wish to thank the expert knowledge offered by Mr Stone and Mr Heatley, as already mentioned – “Though the challenges are daunting, it is clear to see that they were once again being met with ingenuity, hard work and good spirit”.

Somerset Youth Leadership Forum held at the Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre was attended by 19 Lockyer Valley Regional Council students and 25 Somerset Regional Council students. Once again, very positive feedback to me was that the students showed respect, real leadership qualities in their approach to the tasks set out for each of them. This year we had many students who have never met before, and it was interesting to learn of the difference expressed between the two local government areas. To me there is nothing more enlightening than to listen to our leaders of tomorrow speak about the future and identify associated needs. Well done to all staff who are involved with organising and administrating these forums. As Councillor, I support investing with future youth forums.

Councillor Gaedtke – Councillor Community Report – November 2019

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Councillor Gaedtke – Councillor Community Report – November 2019

P: 0428 408 227
A: 674 Kilcoy-Murgon Road, Kilcoy Qld 4515
(Reporting period – ending 27 November)

Proposed Cattle Feedlot 1192 Atkinsons Dam Road Atkinsons Dam – MCU to be provided.

Changed and amended conditions of development application – Brown Contractors, Moore.

SRC offers no objection to the application from Liquid Operations Pty Ltd to allow the sale of alcohol from the detached bottle shop (takeaway sales only) on the premises situated Tenancy 2, 42 Mary Street, from 10am to 10pm Monday to Sunday. The business is an accepted use under the SR Planning Scheme.

Approval given for the establishment of a four-unit multiple dwelling situated at 16 William Street Kilcoy.

Food Safety Training well utilised – ALERT food safety training package

Eskdale – September – 701 x 1080 baits injected for wild dog control and 114 x 1080 meat baits injected for feral pig control.

Systematic Inspection Program – Dog Registration – Properties inspected 3,951 – 854 unregistered dogs found. Program ongoing, Esk, Lowood and Fernvale completed inspections. Kilcoy inspections to commence 1 Nov.

Lantana Control – Mechanical removal of lantana was conducted along Neurum Road, Mt Archer.

State Gov. Building our Regions – business case being prepared – new surface and drainage improvements on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (between Fernvale & Esk $2.2m total cost); drought solutions Lowood to Fernvale recycled water pipeline project (total cost $0.5m).

Somerset Dam Legacy project – Coronation Hall car park, kerb and channeling, drainage and bitumen infill sealing, footpath – Coronation Hall to general store, new shelter, picnic table and electric BBQ at Plumb Park, Tennis Court resurfacing, Somerset Dam lookout formalization. Request made to SEQWater.

Dump point and Caretaker will be relocated at the Kilcoy Showground to the southwestern boundary of the grounds. Budget to be included in next budget review.

SRC to apply for funding under 2020-2021 Cycle Network Local Gov. Grants Program to fund – William Street (Kilcoy) Separated Cycle Facilities from Kennedy Street to Kilcoy Creek.

Council will clarify with Minister for Transport & Main Roads that a safety review is sought for all of Brisbane Valley Highway, and not limited to sections where fatalities and serious accidents have occurred.

Development Applications received recently – New Early Childhood Centre Wanora; Extension to Boning Room Kilcoy; Service Station, Food & Drink Outlet Fernvale x 2; Supermarket Esk; and demolition Existing Water Treatment Plant and Construction of new Water Treatment Plant Linville.

Council to display for public consultation of the Somerset Regional Council Draft Biosecurity Plan – Invasive Plants and Animals 2019-2024, calling for submissions until Friday 31 January 2020.

Council approved DA 18999 for a Rural Worker’s Accommodation at Neurum Road, Mt Archer.

A total of $1,436,694 Commonwealth Drought Package Roads to Recovery project allocated to widening of the bitumen seal on Esk Crows Nest Road.

CCTV cameras to be installed at the Prospect Street, Forest Hill Fernvale Road and Glamorgan Vale Road intersection at a cost of $10,000. (All cameras link back to Police Stations)

2018-2019 Council Annual Report adopted.

Revised CAG Policy adopted.

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke Councillor Report – Ordinary Meeting 27 November 2019

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 27 November 2019

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest
29 November Toogoolawah Carols in McConnel Park
30 November Kilcoy Christmas Cup Race Day
30 November Christmas Carnival, Glamorgan Vale Community Hall
30 November Esk Christmas Tree, Esk Recreation Grounds
01 December Esk Community Choir Christmas Variety Concert Somerset Civic Centre
07 December Esk Carols in Pipeliner Park at Pillars of Strength
07 December Kilcoy Christmas Carnival
14 December Esk Race Day
14 December Lowood Show Christmas Carnival
14 December Toogoolawah Christmas Tree

I would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy day to attend the public CBD Roadworks Project meeting facilitated by the Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce and held at the Kilcoy Visitor Information Centre on Thursday 21 November. There was a strong representation from our town of both residents and businesses. Various items as raised were taken on notice by Director Andrew Johnson. Further points have been provided to me post public meeting and will be forwarded to council for further consideration.

Agenda Item # 37 Councillors’ Report
(Since the last Ordinary Council meeting, I have attended)

13 November Kilcoy State High School P & C Assn monthly meeting

15 November Kilcoy State High School Senior Valedictory

15 November Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group – meeting
The group’s AGM took place with the positions of President – Reg Pease , Vice-President – Allan Fredriksen and Treasurer – Cheryl Gaedtke elected. The group is seeking the services of a Secretary.

18 November Jimna – tour of fire effected areas
I wish to thank Ross and Robyn Davies representing two Jimna community groups, Glen Harrison and Danial Hosmer for explaining the recent works carried out under the first purchase order made under the emergency funding provided by SRC. I also viewed the effects of the fires around Jimna.

18 November RADF Committee Meeting

18 November Fernvale Community Inc. AGM and monthly meeting
The group filled all executive positions and expressed its satisfaction with a number of successful projects achieved during the previous 12 months.

19 November Lowood District Residents Networking Assn Inc. monthly meeting

20 November Traffic & Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

21 November Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. monthly meeting – Kilcoy CBD Roadworks Project
The meeting was targeted at the proposed CBD Roadworks Project and an information session was provided by Director Andrew Johnson. There was strong representation from Kilcoy residents and businesses at the Kilcoy Visitor Information Centre, with a Q and A session provided after the public presentation.

25 November Somerset Condensery Gallery Advisory Committee Meeting

26 November Team Somerset Breakfast – SRC – Councillors and all staff
I offer my congratulations to Mr Andrew Johnson (CEO Designate) for initiating the Somerset Team building exercise. This initiative provided all staff with a holistic understanding on the structure of their council, and the opportunity to meet and network with Councillors and fellow staff members. Acknowledging the positive feedback offered, it may be prudent to hold this type of team building exercise in the future when and as appropriate and practical. I would be so bold to suggest that a similar Councillor team building initiative could be organised post 2020 Local Government election

Diploma of Local Government – Elected Members – Somerset and Lockyer Valley Councillors smash it!

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The Local Government Association of Queensland offers Councillors the opportunity to learn about their roles and responsibilities. Somerset Regional Council’s Cheryl Gaedtke and Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s Michael Hagan wanted to achieve a deeper understanding of their elected positions, with the option to gain a national recognised qualification.

Crs Gaedtke and Hagan feel a sense of achievement and empowerment after successfully completing the diploma. Both Councillors agree that there was a great deal of research required, and lots of hours and in Cr Hagan’s case a lot of late nights to get through the course.

Cr Gaedtke commenced her career in Local Government at the age of 16, and says she has witnessed many changes during this time. “I was employed by Kilcoy Shire Council as Junior Clerk-Typist and worked my way up to Manager of Finance and Administration prior to council amalgamation in 2008” said Cr Gaedtke.

Cr Gaedtke enjoyed all fourteen units which offered training in areas such as manage conflict; establish cooperative arrangements with other organisations; coordinate and facilitate a change process; provide leadership within the council and community; and develop an asset management strategy for the council. Cr Gaedtke also enjoyed the town planning unit – manage council’s development assessment system and analysing strategic planning from an elected member’s perspective. “Strategic planning is so important from an elected member’s perspective; we are the vision makers of our communities for the next 20 years or so” said Cr Gaedtke.

Cr Gaedtke valued her earlier studies at the University of Sunshine Coast, when her text books assisted the research required for the change management unit. Registration for the diploma occurred on 12 December 2017, the diploma commenced on 15 February 2018 and finished on 13 June 2019, Cr Gaedtke said it has been a very rewarding period. “Councillors from many areas of Queensland got to meet and network, this alone is a “win win” situation” said Cr Gaedtke.

Cr Hagan appreciated the opportunity to form a better understanding of the roles of council departments as he worked closely with his council’s departments through the course. Crs Gaedtke and Hagan strongly encourage other elected officials to undertake the training.

Photo – Cr Cheryl Gaedtke; Cr Michael Hagan showing off their diplomas.

Fernvale Relay for Life – it’s a wrap!

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Relay for Life, Fernvale Lions – Fernvale Sports Park – Saturday 26 October 2019

What a fantastic event, this was the sediment shared by many.  The Cancer Council’s (Qld) Relay for Life (RFL) was held in the southern part of the Somerset region for the very first time.  The Fernvale Lions Club accepted the challenge and delivering a very well administered and extremely emotive event. 

The Relay for Life – Face of Relay, Mr Simon Coogan delivered the RFL poem, “I Walk For You” at the Opening Ceremony.  The words are powerful and capture the true meaning of Relay for Life events:

I walk for you, I walk for me.
I walk around this track today,
I walk to help a disease go away.
I walk because there is a need,
I walk that bodies can be freed.
I walk to give a small child hope,
I walk to help someone cope.
I walk for a husband or a wife,
I walk to help prolong a life.
I walk with my head held high,
I walk under a bright blue sky.
I walk with purpose and endure,
I walk to help find a cure.
I walk for everyone to see,
I walk for you, I walk for me.

Patron for the Fernvale Relay for Life, Councillor Cheryl Gaedtke proudly opened the event and shared the following words:

“Good afternoon everyone

What a special sight – you all need to give yourselves an enormous pat on the back for taking part in this very special and important community event.

It is an opportunity for community to come together to support each other regarding an issue so prevalent in society.

Cancer is extremely common in the community, most people have been affected in some way, whether themselves or through someone they know.

Relay for Life to me is about support, spreading hope for locals affected by cancer and showing that as a community we care and are here for them. By taking part today, raising funds, sharing good times, together, we are stronger than cancer!

It gives me great pleasure to share the Relay for Life Oath:

In the name of all Relay for Life participants, I confirm that we are here to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors, to support those fighting cancer, and to honour those we have lost.

Our commitment will be symbolized in every step we take, each and every one moving us nearer to our goal – the goal of a cancer-free world for future generations.

I now declare the 2019 Fernvale Relay for Life officially open”.

Although a little on the warm side, participants enjoyed the walking, the fun games and the dancing offered by Play ‘N’ Up.  This local band, which has Somerset Council’s Mayor Graeme playing the drums, with fellow band members Kaye and Tony, commenced playing at 12 noon and continued on until the event concluded at 9:00pm.  The absolutely fantastic event MC, Councillor Sean Choat continued with RFL interviews, and kept all participants in touch with what was going on for the entire nine hours of supplied entertainment.

As always, the candlelight Ceremony was raw and emotional.  Face of Relay Simon held everyone’s attention whilst sharing his journey since 2016 when diagnosed with cancer.  Simon talked about his diagnosis, treatment and the after effects of his treatment.  Judy Lehmann, also talked from the heart about her recent battles with breast cancer.

Councillor Gaedtke wishes to personally thank everyone who has assisted in any way with this event.  Councillor Gaedtke said “A huge thank you to the Fernvale Lions Club, who took on organising this event.  We all acknowledge the amount of time and work that is devoted to this type of event.  I also take this opportunity to thank the staff of Cancer Council (Qld) for their guidance and assistance”.

Our Face of Relay, Simon said “It was a wonderful event, raising funds and awareness are so important.  I will definitely be at the next event.  A big thank you to all that attended and helped make this day possible.”

Keep watching this space to learn of when and where the next Relay for Life will be.

Face of Relay for Life Simon Coogan and Patron Cr. Cheryl Gaedtke (60’s Themed)

Response – Are you running in next year’s LG Elections?

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  • Will you be running again for council at the 2020 election?
  • Yes, I intend to run for Councillor at the next LG Elections.
  • How and why have you come to this decision?
  • After due consideration with my husband John, we believe that I have the energy, passion, knowledge, experience and community support to run in the 2020 elections.  After receiving my Diploma of Local Government – Elected Members on Wednesday 23 October, I believe the investment is very beneficial and puts me in good stead to renominate.
  • What would you label as your greatest accomplishment during the past term?
  • My greatest accomplishment for the past term, is working as a respected and valued Somerset Team member.  Obviously, as a Councillor, I need the support of my fellow Councillors to achieve outcomes that are desirable for our region.  In saying this I am very supportive of our council’s accomplishments, although there may be a couple of matters that are dear to the community and me, but have not been successful.   I have no issues with this fact, as time will prevail and I believe that these matters will eventually be supported.
  • What will be the greatest challenge facing the council in the next term?
  • I believe that Local Government generally will need to continue to work shrewdly and efficiently, to provide services that are required without excessive rate rises.  Local Government must partner with State and Federal Governments to stretch every dollar that is made available to Local Government.

Cheryl Gaedtke


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Kilcoy Roadworks – CBD

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15 November 2019

Kilcoy roadworks will improve traffic flow and safety

ROADWORKS currently underway in Kilcoy will improve traffic flow and safety while reducing rat-running on residential streets, Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann confirmed this week.

Works along William and Mary streets are being delivered by Somerset Regional Council in partnership with the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

The project also includes improvements to the intersections at both ends of Mary Street.

Works will incorporate new linemarking and pedestrian and cycle lane facilities, lighting upgrades and changes to some car parks.

Councillor Lehmann said council and TMR were committed to improving road conditions in Kilcoy.

“These works are the best solution for the Kilcoy community,” Cr Lehmann said.

“The introduction of parallel parking along Mary Street will provide more space for people to enter and exit vehicles, bringing Kilcoy parking arrangements into line with other Somerset townships.

“Importantly, it is the only option that has been endorsed by TMR, and it will allow more than 6,000 motorists a day to move freely through the township.”

Works are expected to be completed in mid-2020, weather and construction schedule permitting.


Councillor Report 13 November 2019

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 13 November 2019

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

14 November    Toogoolawah State High School Graduation Ceremony

15 November    Kilcoy State High School Senior Valedictory

16 November    Coominya Public Hall Christmas Carnival

16 November    Historic Caboonbah Undenominational Church/Chapel Annual Service Open Day

23 November    Generations of Rock – Somerset Civic Centre

24 November    60th Anniversary Toogoolawah Clay Target Club

It has been a very challenging time in the northern section of our region over the past week and a half.  Acknowledgement is made of how residents have gathered together to address the fire threat and ongoing situation.  The residents have gathered together to help one another during this uncertain time.   Local businesses and individuals have made various donations to assist those in need, and every donation has been accepted gratefully. 

At the QFES and QPS briefing held on Saturday 9th November in the Kilcoy Memorial Hall, QPS congratulated the group of around 50 residents, on the respect shown at the time of the evacuation.  It was said that residents carried out the orders in a timely and compliant manner.  The briefing was well received and provided the residents with a better understanding of the emergency processes and also provided them with a chance to ask questions.  The residents also offered a vote of thanks to all staff and volunteers keeping them, their homes and their animals safe.

A widespread comment over Queensland and New South Wales is the number of emergency services, volunteers and water bombing that has been deployed to fight the many disastrous fire situations.

I would like to acknowledge the effort and time offered by the Fernvale Lions club for organising the Fernvale Relay for Life event on 26th October.  The event is held to recognise and support those who are suffering with cancer, and to remember those who have passed with this disease.  As Patron for this event, I was very proud and overwhelmed to have met Face of Fernvale Relay for Life, Mr Simon Coogan.  Simon, a young Dad of two children was diagnosed three years ago with brain cancer, and he shared his story Saturday night during the candlelight ceremony.  The event to me is precious and also emotional at times.  I look forward to future Relay for Life events in the Somerset region.

Agenda Item #45   Councillors’ Report   

(Since the last Ordinary Council meeting, I have attended

23 October         Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group AGM

Due to the inability to gather a quorum, the AGM was rescheduled for 6th November.

24 October         IPWEAQ Conference

I attended the conference on this particular day and enjoyed the conversation and the well-presented engineered community projects.  I was pleased to learn that the Rural Engineers won the ‘Great Debate’ – Rural Engineers are more adaptable than their City Counterparts.

24 October         Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. Monthly Meeting

                                A meeting with little public attendance.

26 October         Fernvale Relay for Life – Fernvale Lions

As Patron of the Fernvale Relay for Life, I offer my thanks and congratulations to the Fernvale Lions Club for organising this extremely important event.  I look forward to the next Relay for Life in our region.

29 October         Kilcoy RSL – Morning Tea

                               Kilcoy Interagency Meeting

                                Toogoolawah State High School 32nd Annual Awards

30 October         Lowood State High School Presentation Night

31 October         Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare – informal meeting

01 November    Kilcoy State High School 57th Annual Awards Ceremony

04 November    Meeting with local resident – economic benefit Kilcoy

06 November    Somerset Dam & District Progress Assn. monthly meeting

It was interesting to meet an older resident who is in the position to share a great deal of history of the Somerset Dam and Village.

06 November    Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group AGM

A very progressive meeting.  A huge vote of thanks to Cr Helen Brieschke for presenting a draft set of Model Rules for the group to adopt at the AGM.  The time and effort taken to provide this current and workable administrative tool is very much appreciated.

07 November    Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails Committee monthly meeting

A very well attended meeting, with the decision to award Ms Kate Dohle with Life Membership of the group.

08 November    Kilcoy Memorial Hall – Evacuation Centre

                                Visited staff to learn of current situation.

09 November    Jimna Bushfire Briefing – Kilcoy Memorial Hall

Around fifty people attended the briefing.  The local police commented on the positive and compliant manner that Jimna residents undertook emergency directions.  After exchanging information, the Jimna residents were invited to ask questions.  It was a very well received briefing. The Jimna residents offered their heartfelt thanks to all staff and volunteers who are keeping them, their homes and their animals safe.

10 November    Breakfast Under the Trees – St Mary’s Church-Kilcoy

This event was held to fund raise for those who are suffering from the current drought, and to pray for rain.  A lovely morning at an exquisite venue.

11 November    Remembrance Day – Kilcoy RSL

11 November    Kilcoy State School P & C Meeting

12 November    Tourism and Economic Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk

12 November    Fernvale-Lowood Bendigo Bank Branch AGM – Fernvale

A total of $76,000 Sponsorship and Grants made to the community during the 2018/19 financial year.

Councillor Report 23 October 2019

Category : General News

Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 23 October 2019

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

26 October          Fernvale Lions – Relay for Life

29 October         Toogoolawah State High School Annual Awards

30 October         Lowood State High School Presentation Night

01 November    57th Annual Awards Ceremony – Kilcoy State High School

09 November    Woongooroo Birthday Celebrations

12 November    Brisbane Valley Garden Club AGM – Somerset Civic Centre

12 November    Lowood & Fernvale Community Bank Branch AGM

The Elements Festival was held at Diaper over the 18th to 20th October, providing three days of music, arts, markets and workshops to the festival goers.   Local businesses reported an increase in trade during this period.  The QPS was also very visual and busy over the weekend.

I am concerned regarding the recent email from the Rural Fire Brigades Association Qld Inc. (RFBAQ) that portrays 86% of 22,000 Rural Fire Brigade members could be sacked in the New Year in the Blue Card round 1, and over 35% of Fire and Rescue Officers will also have to go in Round 1 as they haven’t applied for a Blue Card, and over 65% of SES volunteers will also be sacked in 2020. (percentages supplied by QFES Friday 18th October 2019).  I notice that the RFBAQ raised the matter and that the following motion was passed:

This response was tabled at the RFBAQ General meeting where this resolution was passed unanimously.

Agenda Item #30   Councillors’ Report   

(Since the last Ordinary Council meeting, I have attended)

10 October         Evacuation Centre Training – Esk

                                A very informative and well administered training course offered by Australian Red Cross.

12 October         Butler Clock Centenary – Kilcoy

Due to unforeseen weather, the event was transferred indoors to the Kilcoy RSL where stories from the Kilcoy Historical Society were enjoyed by the guests.

13-17 October   LGAQ Conference – Cairns

                                An amazing conference, and one where it was time to say goodbye to retiring Councillors. 

18 October         Council of Mayors – Economic Development Committee Meeting – Brisbane

                                Lots of discussion around the 2032 Olympics, Waste Strategies, CitySmart, Tourism etc.

19 October         Centenary of Kilcoy RSL Sub Branch

A lovely lunch provided by the Kilcoy RSL Sub Branch to many jovial and distinguished guests.

20 October         Garage Sale Trail

                                As one of the Somerset Garage Sale Trail enthusiasts – I opened my garage to the trail.

Councillor Community Report – October 2019

Category : General News

 Councillor Gaedtke – Councillor Report – October 2019

  • 0428 408 227
  • 674 Kilcoy-Murgon Road, Kilcoy Qld 4515

 (Reporting period – ending 23 October)

  • Joint Standing Committee on Migration – SRC & KPC Joint Submission-Federal Gov inquiry into migration in regional Australia.  A very in-depth submission identifying support for infrastructure and community programs in Kilcoy.
  • Library Survey reveals 66.4% of responding residents seek weekend opening hours of our libraries
  • Free Medical Assistance Wheelie Bin Service to be included in Revenue Statement (Clause 7.2)
  • State of Brisbane Valley Highway highlighted at meeting with Federal Minister who was promoting the SEQ City Deal, a wide-ranging partnership between all three levels of government.
  • Andrew Johnson (Director Operations) promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer for Somerset region.
  • The Brisbane River Strategic Floodplain Management Plan acknowledged at Get Ready Qld Resilient Australia Awards.  A collaboration between four councils (SRC, BCC, ICC & LVRC), Qld Government and SEQWater.
  • Council’s three visitor information centres have joined the Driver Reviver campaign.
  • Australia Day Award nominations are now open.
  • KPC granted approval to increase its production to 2000 head per day and 2000 employees.
  • A report to be submitted to Council relating to review of Council Policy – Chemical Subsidy Program, following concern of the increased incidence of lantana.  Council levied a $5-00 fee on this financial year’s rates to provide funding to fight the quantity of lantana.
  • Council to refund its portion (50%) of the Stock Grazing Permits fee to the applicant.  I have provided a link on my Councillor Facebook Page that will direct you to the Stock Route Overlay map, which will offer the location of stock routes within our region. (The other 50% of permit fees are paid to State Government.)
  • Council to endorse a further trial agreement with Anuha for container refund services for a further 3 years.
  • Active Neighbourhood for Older Australians Grant to fund senior dance classes from October 2019 to August 2020 at Somerset Civic Centre.  A final presentation will be provided at Senior’s Day 2020.
  • Sports and Recreation Needs Analysis to be carried out for Kilcoy.
  • Toogoolawah Community Gym Relocation Business Case progressing well, SG funding application to lodged.
  • Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program – Potential Project – Colinton Livestock Effluent Disposal Facility.  Funding application submission to be prepared.
  • Council has written to State and Federal Government about the need to provide funding to keep Headspace services available in Kilcoy.
  • Council to follow up with Telstra (upon the advice of our Federal Minister) with strategies on improving mobile black spots on a regional basis, after the potentially dangerous situation of the Linville fires which occurred on September 8.
  • Support continues to grow for the 2032 SEQ Olympic Bid.
  • Council to undertake a youth wellbeing survey and asking for feedback from people living in Lowood district aged under 21 years to help partners better understand how they feel about their community.
  • Council to support a new family and child friendly Lowood event to be held in April 2020.
  • Toogoolawah Library attendance figures have not increased, even with the addition of the extra opening hours.
  • Speed limit to reduce to 50km/hr on Hedley Drive, Kilcoy.

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