Regional CBD Town Beautification – Collaboration with Community

Regional CBD Town Beautification – Collaboration with Community

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Regional CBD Town Beautification – Collaboration with Community

Cr Gaedtke is looking forward to working toward the first steps in promoting the Regional CBD Town Beautification Project.  As part of the regional project, the broader community in towns in Somerset would be consulted to obtain feedback that community believes is important to their town.  The feedback would define the expectations and aspirations of the community through the public consultation process.

Cr Gaedtke explained “that Council received a request through a business plan from the Kilcoy District Progress Alliance Inc. that was based around the development with a forward-thinking view to incorporate new directions to ensure the ongoing relativity of Kilcoy, improved business confidence and longevity of the township”.  After much discussion and analysing similar projects in neighbouring council areas, Council agreed that the principles of beautification for the central business districts of all the towns within Somerset be further developed.

Community may have strong expectations as to what they believe requires changing, or what they appreciate and needs to remain the same, perhaps just enhanced.  Each town will have its unique needs and this is where community can share their knowledge, future expectations to correctly identify and build the ambience of the town.  Simple ideas and improvements can be incorporated to achieve the desired outcome.

Cr Gaedtke said “that she believes with robust community consultation, a precise and workable plan will be developed for each town”.  Obviously, the process will have strict timelines and be budget allocation driven as well.  Cr Gaedtke advised that as a member of the Tourism Advisory Committee and as an observer to the Economic Development Plan Committee, she understands the importance of both committees working together to share future plans and aspirations to ensure economic sustainability and visual appeal of all towns in Somerset.  The Regional CBD Town Beautification project is definitely a worthy initiative for both committees to support and contribute to.




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