Councillor Report – Wednesday 10 May 2017

Councillor Report – Wednesday 10 May 2017

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 10 May 2017

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

10 May   Toogoolawah Community Forum – Somerset Region Community Enterprises Ltd

13 May   Toogoolawah Historical Society –  Historical Photographic Display

13 May   Kilcoy Art Society In. Mother’s Day Luncheon  –  CANCELLED

13 May   Fernvale Stampede

17 May   International Day Fly the Flag – (Against Homophobia Transphobia & Biphobia)

17 May   Domestic Violence Awareness – Clock Park Lowood

20 May   Esk Show Ball

23 May   Wacky Ladies Biggest Morning Tea &Wacky Fashion Parade – Toogoolawah


Agenda Item # 29 Councillor Report

Meetings/Functions attended

27 April   Meeting with Kilcoy resident

27 April   Somerset Youth Leadership Forum

27 April   Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. Meeting

28 April   Esk Girl Guides District Support Group Annual General Meeting

29 April   Kilcoy Show

04 May   Brisbane Valley Heritage Trail Committee Meeting – Moore

06 May   Glenwood Aged Care Hostel 20th Anniversary – Lowood

06 May   Linville Markets

09 May   Valley of the Lakes Garden Club Meeting

09 May   Citizenship Ceremony – Esk

09 May   Tourism Advisory Committee Meeting – Esk

09 May   Eagle Rise Estate Community Meeting – Lowood


Somerset Youth Leadership Forum

I spent a few hours with approximately sixty students from Lowood, Toogoolawah and Kilcoy State High Schools and a very capable facilitator Nicole Gibson, CEO of Rogue and Rouge Foundation.  The students connected well with Nicole, and at the age of twenty-four years, Nicole has achieved so much already in her life.  The students happily absorbed everything that Nicole was talking about.  I was surprised by the open and honest feedback that Nicole achieved from some of the students.  I look forward to learning of the outcomes from this energetic forum.

Esk Girl Guides District Support Group Annual General Meeting

Crs Lehmann, Brieschke, Choat and I attended a well-supported Annual General Meeting.  It is always interesting to learn how a club/organization works within its community.  I was surprised by the amount of work and the activities that the girls complete each year.  Congratulations to Kathy Heck for achieving District Leader status of the Girl Guides group.  I must also congratulate Patti Jaenke for offering an interesting motivational speech, and one that I could have listened to for much longer.

Kilcoy Show

With such beautiful weather, the Kilcoy Show was another outstanding success.  There were many rides, stalls and continuous entertainment.  The pavilions were stacked full of entries in their relevant classes, and there were plenty of agriculture to admire, including fat cattle, vegetables, fruit and fowls.  The equine and donkey classes appeared to be well supported.  The wood chopping and chain sawing events draw loyal supporters, who offer their full support to these strength zapping events.   With lots of great food options, no one went hungry.  The Kilcoy Konvoy was well supported by the entry of 68 sparkling trucks.  The Trackside pavilion housed many beautiful art entries.  The mud pie competition received a total of 108 mud pie entries.  Congratulations to all responsible for organising such a great show, I am aware of the many months of work that is needed to bring our local shows together.  I am pleased to advise that Somerset Councillors (Crs Whalley, Choat & I) were able to join in with the grand parade, and we thank the generous offer from Kel Stanton to use his impressive black utility.  The Show Society challenged us to take part; so challenge met!

Glenwood Aged Care Hostel 20th Anniversary

Along with Crs Lehmann and Choat, I believe we learned interesting information about the history of this very valuable community facility.  Twenty-five years ago, the Lowood community decided it needed the services of an aged care facility.  With over five years of fund raising activities, the community raised over $600,000.  Government funding provided over $900,000, with the centre costing $2.2 million to build.  The centre has just seen a refurbishment and looks fresh and even more inviting.  Congratulations to all concerned with organising this wonderful event.

Linville Markets

The Linville Hall was full of interesting stalls, and the children were kept busy with various activities.  The weather was perfect for outdoor activities and campers were arriving to spend the weekend in this unique little town.  Unfortunately, there was an incident where a couple arriving with their caravan for the weekend lost one of their precious little dogs.  I wish to thank Rosie O’Brien for helping in this very difficult time, and I received a lovely email from the Brisbane couple expressing their thanks for the love and support that was shown to them by the locals.

Lowood Show Society

The Show Society held two very successful events during the month of April.  The B & S Ball (8th) attracted over 660 young people and over 3,000 people attended the Lowood Rodeo (29th).  Congratulations to this busy group of volunteers.

New Koala Habitat Funding for Wild Koala Day

The Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group has been successful with a funding application to fund the creation of the South Toogoolawah Koala Habitat Enhancement Corridor between Toogoolawah-Biarra Road and The Condensery Art Gallery.  The group will receive $7,940 to continue developing koala habitat.

Bike Week 2017

Queenslanders celebrate the power of the pedal with Bike Week 2017 kicking off from Saturday 6 May.  There are many events that are planned during the week including the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Experience on Sunday 14 May.  Stats reveal that 760,000 Queenslanders ride a bike at least once a week, but another 1.53 million people would ride if the conditions were right, or they felt more comfortable cycling.


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