Councillor Report – Ordinary Council Meeting 11 October 2023

Councillor Report – Ordinary Council Meeting 11 October 2023

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 Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Council Meeting 11 October 2023

Agenda Item #5 Matters of Public Interest

I believe that the time has arrived that I gracefully retire from the role as Somerset Regional Councillor, therefor I will not be seeking re-election in March next year.  I have been involved with Local Government since the age of sixteen, when I applied for the Junior Clerk Typist position with Kilcoy Shire Council.  With encouragement and support from my peers, I worked my way to Manager Finance and Administration with Kilcoy Shire Council prior to its amalgamation with Esk Shire Council in March 2008.  I was first elected as Councillor in the 2016 Local Government Elections.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my career, where I have experienced never ending changes, surmountable challenges, and I have met many wonderful enterprising, brilliant and caring people.  When I am asked to speak to our school students about my role, I express sincerely to our young future leaders, if you find the right job, it will never feel like a job, but rather a part of life that presents enjoyment, passion and unmeasurable rewards.  With a mountain made of memories, knowledge, experience and gratification, I look forward to the next chapter of my life.  Lastly, I wish to thank those residents and colleagues who have always offered support and valued my efforts in the Local Government world, either as a staff member or as a Councillor.

Agenda Item #18 Councillors’ Report


27       Ordinary Council Meeting & Council Workshop – Esk

27       Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce Inc Annual General Meeting


03       Friends of Stonehouse Inc Monthly Meeting – Moore

03       Somerset Dam District Progress Association Monthly Meeting

05       Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails Monthly Meeting – Moore

09       Special Condensery Advisory Meeting – 2024 Program

09       Kilcoy District Progress Alliance Inc Monthly Meeting

10       Kilcoy Wellbeing Festival – Yowie Park

10       Kilcoy Show Society Monthly Meeting

The Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails are establishing communication around the existence of the original stock routes that were used as a method to herd livestock from Kilcoy to Moore. The group hope to advertise the route as a drive destination, and are eager to name the route as “The Drover’s Way”.

The Kilcoy District Progress Alliance are raising funds to once again erect Kilcoy’s Christmas Tree.  Community can enjoy the festivities and turning on the Christmas Lights on Friday 1st December commencing at 5:30pm at Yowie Park.

The Kilcoy Show Society held a very well supported monthly meeting where many existing challenges and new ideas were identified and discussed.

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Cover for Councillor Cheryl Gaedtke for a strong Somerset Region
Councillor Cheryl Gaedtke for a strong Somerset Region

Councillor Cheryl Gaedtke for a strong Somerset Region

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