Press Release 12 September 2018

Press Release 12 September 2018

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Cr Gaedtke believes Travelling Opens the Mind and Heart

After travelling around Western America for five weeks, Councillor Gaedtke has arrived home with greater awareness of major differences and major similarities between Australia and America.  A major difference is the population figures which records America with 325.7 million (2017 United States Census Bureau) and Australia with 23.4 million (2016 Census).

Cr Gaedtke said “that it has been 5 years since John and I took time out from our busy schedules to enjoy quality travelling, and we have been reminded of the benefits of doing so.”  Whilst it is good to be home, Cr Gaedtke is aware that there are many points of interest that was learnt by spending time in another country.

“We were both amazed by the road and bridge infrastructure that Americans have and the foresight of future planning.  Here we saw highways that already have numerous trafficable lanes but with future lanes visual and ready to be sealed to accommodate future growth and traffic demand.”

There are so many different forms of providing energy to this vast and everchanging country.  Cr Gaedtke and her husband rode a hired Harley motorbike past huge solar farms, giant windfarms, nuclear power plants, oil and natural gas producing regions, enormous power generating plants with never ending power lines that were built to supply communities with this valuable resource, regardless of the terrain or the size of the community needing this basic commodity.

Cr Gaedtke advised that she was surprised by the availability of good quality water resources.  “It certainly brought life to areas that would not support such without the provision of reliable water sources” said Cr Gaedtke.

The display of patriotism and the support of veterans and active-duty military, and those who serve their country was proudly acknowledged in every state visited.

After talking to the locals, it is interesting to learn that Australia is behind America with certain initiatives.  Questioning, analysing and learning from other countries is a significant opportunity not to be underestimated.


Photo  –  John and Cheryl at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Arizona.

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Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and PlanningThe Honourable Dr Steven MilesGreater council integrity for QueenslandersThe Office of the Independent Assessor will receive more funding and Queensland communities will see improved clarity for councillors around their decision-making, announced the Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government today.The Deputy Premier announced $1.302 million over two years to support eight full-time equivalent positions in the Office of the Independent Assessor OIA.“It’s vital Queensland communities have confidence in the decision-making of their elected representatives, and we are looking to ensure that decision-making isn’t hindered by any confusion around potential conflicts of interest,” Mr Miles said.“The Government recently undertook a project which analysed the operations of the new councillor complaints framework to make sure it is working smoothly and effectively.“The analysis resulted in a number of recommendations, including streamlining the interactions between the department, the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) and the Councillor Conduct Tribunal (CCT).“We will streamline the process of declaring conflicts of interest, clarifying when a councillor can and cannot participate in decision-making, and how the conflict of interest framework, including the definition of ‘related party’, applies in small council settings.“We’re also providing greater resourcing support for OIA to help carry out its investigations into councillor complaints and keep up with high demand.“To support the OIA to carry out its investigations into councillor complaints we’re committing an additional $1.302 million over two years to support eight temporary full-time equivalent positions.It follows an announcement in December 2020, of an extra $250,000 for the OIA to fund an additional three staff.Mr Miles said the Government will continue working with key stakeholders such as the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), to look at ways of improving the system.Local Government Association of Queensland CEO Greg Hallam thanked the Deputy Premier and his department for working proactively with the LGAQ and its member councils to review the current conflict of interest laws to make sure they are achieving what they were designed to.“Ensuring Queensland’s conflict of interest rules are both workable and effective is of critical importance to local councils and the communities they serve,” Mr Hallam said.“We have provided the Deputy Premier and his department with an extensive submission outlining some of the unintended consequences our member councils are experiencing and recommending potential reforms to the Local Government Act and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the Government to progress those changes.”Mr Miles thanked the LGAQ and all stakeholders involved for their input to improve the sector.“It’s crucial we keep listening to stakeholders and support councillors to be the best representatives they can be for their communities,” Mr Miles said.“This is about making a good system even better by increasing transparency and integrity and providing Queenslanders the finest Local Government system in the country.”ENDSMedia contact: Katharine Wright – 0428 957 903 / Amy Hunter – 0423 651 484 ... See MoreSee Less
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