Councillor Report – Wednesday 24 May 2017

Councillor Report – Wednesday 24 May 2017

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Cr Cheryl Gaedtke – Ordinary Meeting 24 May 2017

Agenda Item # 5 Matters of Public Interest

25 May   Mobile Hub – Eagle Rise Estate Lowood

25 May   Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce & Community Inc. Meeting

26/27 May Esk Show

27 May   Glamorgan Vale QWCA Fashion Parade

27 May   Kilcoy Hospital Fete & Auction

27 May   Lowood Show Ball

27 May   Kilcoy Lions Club Change Over Dinner

27 May   Harlin State School P&C Cent Auction

02 June   Somerset Schools Sports Cup – Toogoolawah

03 June  High Tea – Moore Soldiers’ Hall

03 June   Lowood Slimmers’ Biggest Morning Tea

04 June   Lowood Fernvale Pony Club – Open Sports Day – Fernvale


Postcode 4306 & bizarre associated problems

An e-petition to Federal Parliament has been launched to try again to get Blackbutt’s bizarre postcode troubles fixed by Australia Post. Blackbutt shares its 4306 postcode with Ipswich city which is located 140 km away.  The areas don’t even share a border.  Australia Post has previously refused to allocate different postcodes saying the change was not necessary, despite acknowledging it had been raised several times by Federal MPs, including then Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.  Postcode 4306 covers more than 50 suburbs and is spread across five federal electorates taking in six different Local Council areas.  The shared postcode impacts residents’ access to government services, including social services and providers, insurance, financing and the many other circumstances that warrant a geographically suitable postcode.  Residents are encouraged by the fact that a previous successful postcode reallocation occurred in the western suburbs of Brisbane within the past decade setting a precedent for Australia Post to consider this matter more seriously.  The petition is live for four weeks, closing June 7.   Areas include, but not limited to: AVOCA VALE, BORALLON, COLINTON, DUNDAS, FAIRNEY VIEW, FERNVALE, GLAMORGAN VALE, HARLIN, LINVILLE, MOORE, MOUNT STANLEY, SPLIT YARD CREEK, WIVENHOE POCKET.


I move that Council acknowledge the need for change by forwarding a letter of support to Federal Parliament, requesting Australia Post provide unique postcodes to areas of those residents affected by the postcode 4306 which is currently spread across fifty suburbs, five federal electorates and six different Local Government areas.


Agenda Item #  30  Councillors’ Report

Meetings/Functions attended

10 May   Somerset Art Society Inc. General Meeting

10 May   Bendigo Community Bank Forum – Toogoolawah

12 May   Council of Mayors – Economic Development Committee Meeting – Brisbane

13 May   Viewing of Historical Photographs – Toogoolawah Historical Society

15 May   Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group Meeting – Kilcoy

15 May   Kilcoy State Primary School – Meeting with Principal

15 May   Exchange Hotel Kilcoy – Proposed Event Meeting

15 May   Fernvale Community Action Group Committee Meeting – Fernvale

16 May  RV Futures (CMCA) Forum – Brisbane

17 May   Traffic Safety Advisory Committee Meeting; Disaster Management Committee Meeting – Esk

17 May   Kilcoy District Cultural Village Committee AGM & General Meeting

22 May   Regional Arts Development Fund Assessment Meeting – Esk

23 May   Wacky Ladies Biggest Morning Tea – Toogoolawah

24 May   Kilcoy State High School Council Meeting


Bendigo Community Bank Forum

Around 92 people brainstormed projects that they believe are important to the community and require serious consideration for future funding.   A total of 25 projects, each with the construction value of $5,000 or more was provided from the floor.  The task then began to prioritize the projects, with the following projects gaining greater support:

  1. Recreational facilities upgrade at Toogoolawah. Swimming Pool upgrade, Indoor Sports facility, flood lights at McConnell Park, Volley Ball court upgrade and training workshops.
  2. Alexandra Hall – renovations for use as Evac Centre, dressing rooms, painting etc.
  3. Support for Rural Fire Shed.
  4. Outdoor Sporting facilities – netball. Esk/Toogoolawah.


Council of Mayors – Economic Development Committee Meeting

A discussion took place around the committee review of Council of Mayors’, and it was advised that it has been decided that the committee structure and meeting process could easily be remodeled by key staff visiting each South-East Queensland Council and discussing various issues with whole of Council.  It was also pointed out that the Economic Development Committee will remain intact.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council showcased its latest tourism app that provides a schedule of tourism visitation with local tourism venues, visitation times allotted, directional maps along with estimated travelling times.  The app lends itself to any Council’s use and the ability to provide relevant and unique information relative to each regional area.  I consider that this app would be a valuable tool for our tourism space.


The Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare Group Meeting

Cr Sean Choat delivered the printed Flora of Yowie Park Booklets completed by Kathy Baton.  Cr Choat offered the group advice on future publication and printed information options.  The Treasurer, Tony Robinson gave a report on the dire financial situation and membership decline.  David Matthews commented on grant history which shows that SRC has been extremely generous in the support through works and materials provided. Previously SEQC had provided office accommodation, phone and internet costs but following amalgamation with Healthy Land & Water current negotiations indicate that this arrangement may cease.  It was asked if Somerset Regional Council could favourably review the current office rental fees. The BVKL Group’s honorary administration payments will cease after the end of May 2017.  The group was congratulated on the many achievements and successful projects accomplished over the many years of operation, and that the loss of such a group would be detrimental to our region.


Kilcoy State Primary School – Meeting with Principal Mr Terry Janz

I met with Mr Janz to discuss the social needs of children from years 3 to 12, and how he is advocating for schools in our region to consider using the program to discover, map and educate well-being to our school children accordingly.  The program has sound research and achievable outcomes.  I will continue to assist in my role wherever possible. This program will be discussed this afternoon at the Kilcoy High School Council meeting, and I look forward to this initiative becoming a regional based program.  Kilcoy State Primary School has already completed the first step of the program with their students.


Exchange Hotel Kilcoy – Proposed Event Meeting – Beer & BBQ Festival

A list of in-kind support items was discussed and forwarded to the Director of Operations for further clarification and proposed support from council if and where applicable.  It now appears that there is not a great opportunity for Council to offer in-kind support as requested by the event organiser.


RV Futures (CMCA) Forum – Brisbane

This forum was very professionally organised and was very informative with some great speakers and the Deputy Mayor of Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Cr Mary Brown acknowledged the RV success story in Ingham.   There were many positive comments about the possibility of a Somerset town trialing a CMCA RV Park, which will not produce any real costs to council.  I will provide Councillors and Staff with a report on the forum.


Kilcoy District Cultural Village Committee AGM & General Meeting

Congratulations to the incoming executives – President David Matthews, Vice President Richard Whiting, Secretary Lynn Candey, Treasurer David Dunn.  I must also congratulate the committee on past achievements and identified future goals.


Caboolture to Wamuran Rail Trail – Moreton Bay Regional Council

The Caboolture to Wamuran Rail Trail will be a 10.5km long shared pathway extending from Beerburrum Road, Caboolture to Atwood Street, Wamuran.  This is a unique project that follows the old Caboolture to Kilcoy railway corridor that closed in 1964.  The aim of the project is to showcase the history of the railway while providing a quality shared pathway and support facilities that will attract cyclists and walkers to the area.  The project will include: 10.5km long, 3 – 3.5m wide shared asphalt and concrete pathway; entry statements in Caboolture and Wamuran; bridge and culvert crossings; interpretative and wayfinding signage; and seating nodes.  Council is investing $4.6m into the design and construction of this project.  This project will be jointly funded by Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.












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Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and PlanningThe Honourable Dr Steven MilesGreater council integrity for QueenslandersThe Office of the Independent Assessor will receive more funding and Queensland communities will see improved clarity for councillors around their decision-making, announced the Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government today.The Deputy Premier announced $1.302 million over two years to support eight full-time equivalent positions in the Office of the Independent Assessor OIA.“It’s vital Queensland communities have confidence in the decision-making of their elected representatives, and we are looking to ensure that decision-making isn’t hindered by any confusion around potential conflicts of interest,” Mr Miles said.“The Government recently undertook a project which analysed the operations of the new councillor complaints framework to make sure it is working smoothly and effectively.“The analysis resulted in a number of recommendations, including streamlining the interactions between the department, the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) and the Councillor Conduct Tribunal (CCT).“We will streamline the process of declaring conflicts of interest, clarifying when a councillor can and cannot participate in decision-making, and how the conflict of interest framework, including the definition of ‘related party’, applies in small council settings.“We’re also providing greater resourcing support for OIA to help carry out its investigations into councillor complaints and keep up with high demand.“To support the OIA to carry out its investigations into councillor complaints we’re committing an additional $1.302 million over two years to support eight temporary full-time equivalent positions.It follows an announcement in December 2020, of an extra $250,000 for the OIA to fund an additional three staff.Mr Miles said the Government will continue working with key stakeholders such as the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), to look at ways of improving the system.Local Government Association of Queensland CEO Greg Hallam thanked the Deputy Premier and his department for working proactively with the LGAQ and its member councils to review the current conflict of interest laws to make sure they are achieving what they were designed to.“Ensuring Queensland’s conflict of interest rules are both workable and effective is of critical importance to local councils and the communities they serve,” Mr Hallam said.“We have provided the Deputy Premier and his department with an extensive submission outlining some of the unintended consequences our member councils are experiencing and recommending potential reforms to the Local Government Act and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the Government to progress those changes.”Mr Miles thanked the LGAQ and all stakeholders involved for their input to improve the sector.“It’s crucial we keep listening to stakeholders and support councillors to be the best representatives they can be for their communities,” Mr Miles said.“This is about making a good system even better by increasing transparency and integrity and providing Queenslanders the finest Local Government system in the country.”ENDSMedia contact: Katharine Wright – 0428 957 903 / Amy Hunter – 0423 651 484 ... See MoreSee Less
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