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April 2017




“The Hub” Kilcoy Information Centre, SEQC&W Offices                  Hope St Kilcoy

Tel: 07 54971253   Fax: 07 54220515

PO Box 116 Kilcoy 4515



Chairperson:                         David Matthews

Vice Chairperson:

Secretary/Treasurer            Tony Robinson                 07/ 5496 3582


** Next Meeting GM Monday 15th May   9.30 am

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Breaking News ….. Brisbane Valley Kilcoy Landcare is in the process of establishing a website  ….    –   early days yet with a lot more information to be processed. 




BVK has submitted an application for funds to establish  the Birdwing Butterfly vine (Pararistolochia praevenosa) at strategic locations within the Stanley River catchment. This is to be achieved by establishing new host vines thus providing the plant habitat (food source for the larvae) for the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Omithopter richmondia )  to expand its range (Dr Don Sands, CSIRO Pullenvale Qld)

The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly was once common in South East Queensland, however, due to loss of habitat by development and clearing for agricultural production and the extensive planting of the introduced South American Dutchman’s Pipe vine (Aristolochia elegans) into domestic gardens (this vine is poisonous to the Birdwing larvae) the population of this attractive and valuable pollinator of native species has been depleted.  The Birdwing Butterfly is listed as vulnerable on the Queensland Conservation status list.

An extensive eradication and community awareness program has removed most of the Dutchman’s pipe vine. The Queensland government legislated to prohibit sale through nurseries

Currently the Birdwing Butterfly is surviving in the upper Stanley catchment and Sunshine Coast hinterland (Mary Cairncross Park, Stanley River Park) and also the Gold Coast border region.

The vine is uncommon and suffers competition from aggressive introduced species, Cats Claw Creeper and Madeira vine and others.

Left Female Richmond birdwing feeding on Pentas   Right  Male Richmond birdwing     The adult male birdwing has a wingspan of about 12-13cm and is basically black, with green stripes and spots on both sides.

We have consulted and will continue to collaborate with the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network, Wildlife Queensland and Healthy Land & Water.  For more information on these organisations see : and  RBCN website

To be notified success or otherwise in June.


Application has been submitted for funds to establish a corridor at Toogoolawah of 800 koala ‘friendly trees’ along a section of creek bed adjacent to the site of The Condensery (Art Gallery) and through a number of privately owned rural properties.  This application has been fully supported by The Somerset Regional Council in being desirable to maintaining the viability and genetic diversity of the local Koala population and the opportunity to engage the broader community and landholders associated with the corridor.

This application submitted in last December, yet to be advised.

SEQ WATER is planning upgrades to 2 dams in our region : quote

In 2012-13, Seqwater commissioned an independent assessment of its 26 regulated dams. This assessment included a review of the condition of our dams and their compliance with current Queensland and Australian guidelines, and has identified a program of work needed to ensure our dams meet these guidelines. Under our Dam Improvement Program, we will upgrade some dams and reduce the water levels of others until upgrades can be completed.

Somerset Dam upgrade  Somerset Dam is one of a number of dams identified for upgrade in the next six years.

In 2017, we will undertake further geotechnical investigations at Somerset and preliminary design to identify the preferred upgrade option. Once the preferred option is determined, we will start preparing the detailed design. At this stage, construction is expected to start by 2020.

The preferred Somerset Dam upgrade option will impact and influence the final decision on the Wivenhoe Dam upgrade.

Wivenhoe Dam upgrade Planning for the Wivenhoe Dam upgrade is in the early stages and it will be at least two years before a decision is made on the preferred upgrade option.

In planning the upgrade, we need to consider the safety and integrity of the dam structure, the security of our drinking water supply, and the potential for further flood mitigation. The benefits and costs of about 50 different options will be explored, including consideration of options to increase the height of the dam wall to improve flood mitigation downstream.”

Find out more

Farmers encouraged to sign up for Ergon Energy Tariff Trial 

Queensland farmers are being encouraged to sign up the Agricultural Tariff Trial to get a better understanding of their electricity usage and to save money on their electricity bill. Any farmers located in the Ergon Energy area can join the trial, with registrations closing Tuesday 2 May.


The trial will give farmers the chance to test off-peak and demand-based electricity tariffs under the Regional Business Support Package. “A large number of farm businesses remain unaware of the changing tariffs and how this will impact their business post 1 July 2020.”   “The Ergon Tariff Trials are a win-win for farmers who may save money on the electricity bill and receive a better understanding of their usage through the smart meters available through the trial.”   DETAILS & REGISTRATION:

Are Energex customers being given similar opportunities?

Would You Like to Share your unusual sightings of any wildlife or birds, insects, reptiles, flora or anything connected to Landcare at all that you might like to have published?.. .  send an email with details and photos to  so we can include it in our next publication.

Yeoman’s Plow

New points have been purchased, Merlin tungsten tipped, high wear resistant points. The plow is presently in the Esk/Toogoolawah area. It will fit on the back of a ute or large trailer. Fees for hiring of the plow are: $40 a day plus $6 per acre for members.  Bond is $250

Booking and hire agreements forms must be filled out prior to hiring the plow. It is becoming popular, so please book ahead at The Hub,   Kilcoy Information Centre .  Email


 Landholders are advised that the invasive weed Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis) is a significant weed in Queensland. Fireweed is a declared pest under Queensland legislation.

 Native to southern Africa, fireweed is a daisy-like herb. Fireweed was first recorded in Australia in the Hunter Valley in 1918. It is thought to have arrived in the ballast of ships trading between Australia and Europe via Capetown. Fireweed spread slowly at first, but, in the past 30 years, has rapidly increased its range, most likely aided by modern transport and rural practices.

Fireweed competes with pasture and is toxic to livestock. It is found along the entire New South Wales coast and scattered across various regions of Queensland.

Fireweed can easily be mistaken for closely related, native Senecio species, particularly Senecio pinnatifolius and Senecio brigalowensis. Senecio brigalowensis is increasingly abundant and weedy in central Queensland from Roma to Rockhampton, and also causes cattle poisoning.

Fireweed is a restricted invasive plant under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

 Quick Spray Unit  -Please note that all enquiries regarding the hire of the Quick Spray Unit are to go to the Somerset Shire Council 54224900. This unit has a 400 litre tank and two hoses to enable two people to spray at once.

BVK Landcare Date Claimers :

BVK is currently planning to hold a stall at the Esk Garden & Lifestyle Fair on 17th June 2017 – volunteer helpers would be welcomed, please email your interest to

Hiring Equipment

Hire equipment rule changes!

All hirees of the varied equipment available must now become members of BVK Landcare before Hiring. This is due to tax/non-profit status reasons.

Newly available is the Lantana Splatter Gun $10 a day for members, and $60 bond – contact David Matthews. Also available from the Hub is the wick wiper for Giant Rats Tail Grass, and the Yeoman’s Plough. The Quick spray unit is available from Somerset Regional Council.



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Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and PlanningThe Honourable Dr Steven MilesGreater council integrity for QueenslandersThe Office of the Independent Assessor will receive more funding and Queensland communities will see improved clarity for councillors around their decision-making, announced the Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government today.The Deputy Premier announced $1.302 million over two years to support eight full-time equivalent positions in the Office of the Independent Assessor OIA.“It’s vital Queensland communities have confidence in the decision-making of their elected representatives, and we are looking to ensure that decision-making isn’t hindered by any confusion around potential conflicts of interest,” Mr Miles said.“The Government recently undertook a project which analysed the operations of the new councillor complaints framework to make sure it is working smoothly and effectively.“The analysis resulted in a number of recommendations, including streamlining the interactions between the department, the Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) and the Councillor Conduct Tribunal (CCT).“We will streamline the process of declaring conflicts of interest, clarifying when a councillor can and cannot participate in decision-making, and how the conflict of interest framework, including the definition of ‘related party’, applies in small council settings.“We’re also providing greater resourcing support for OIA to help carry out its investigations into councillor complaints and keep up with high demand.“To support the OIA to carry out its investigations into councillor complaints we’re committing an additional $1.302 million over two years to support eight temporary full-time equivalent positions.It follows an announcement in December 2020, of an extra $250,000 for the OIA to fund an additional three staff.Mr Miles said the Government will continue working with key stakeholders such as the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), to look at ways of improving the system.Local Government Association of Queensland CEO Greg Hallam thanked the Deputy Premier and his department for working proactively with the LGAQ and its member councils to review the current conflict of interest laws to make sure they are achieving what they were designed to.“Ensuring Queensland’s conflict of interest rules are both workable and effective is of critical importance to local councils and the communities they serve,” Mr Hallam said.“We have provided the Deputy Premier and his department with an extensive submission outlining some of the unintended consequences our member councils are experiencing and recommending potential reforms to the Local Government Act and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the Government to progress those changes.”Mr Miles thanked the LGAQ and all stakeholders involved for their input to improve the sector.“It’s crucial we keep listening to stakeholders and support councillors to be the best representatives they can be for their communities,” Mr Miles said.“This is about making a good system even better by increasing transparency and integrity and providing Queenslanders the finest Local Government system in the country.”ENDSMedia contact: Katharine Wright – 0428 957 903 / Amy Hunter – 0423 651 484 ... See MoreSee Less
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